Namt_2017-website-600-360x360I’m very excited to announce that The River Is Me will have a featured little presentation of sorts at NATIONAL ALLIANCE for MUSICAL THEATRE  this year in the Songwriters Showcase!!

It’s the 29th Annual NAMT conference, and it is a REALLY BIG DEAL that my wonderful writing partner Troy Anthony and I were asked to participate this time ’round with a few song selections from The River Is Me! As NAMT mentions on the website, “[t]he purpose of the Festival is to create a nurturing environment for discovery, development and advancement of the musical theatre art form. NAMT seeks to do this with a focus on quality, diversity and new voices.” NAMT is like Yale for musical theatre writers — you have to work hard to get there, and there is no coasting after you get in, but if you’ve done well enough to earn a spot in the conference, you’ve earned yourself a pedigree and chance for networking that really can shore up your chances of life happiness/success, which are the exact same thing for me 🙂

So there’s the conference conference and then there’s this little jewel of a “Special Event” called the Songwriters Showcase, where newbies and oldbies can showcase new songs.

This winter, Troy and I hope to find a theatre or agent who can formally endorse us so we can apply to be in the NAMT Conference proper.

Anyhoo, the industry-packed event is tomorrow at 2pm. Very nervous, but overall very proud of the work we get to share with the theater world and very excited!! Cross fingers for us!! 🙂