Month: April 2018

Village Theatre “At The Table” Residency

Had a blast this past weekend with Brandon Ivie, care of the Village Theatre’s At The Table residency!

Dreaming up a brand new show: I Have A Dream 

I Have A Dream is about a black queer unsung hero, struggling to carve out a space where all of America can be free at last. Centering Bayard Rustin from 1955-till the 1963 March on Washington for Civil Rights, this new musical will look at the path to the March, as well as revisiting Martin Luther King at a time where he was being called a terrorist and Coretta at a time where she was being called a silly goose for wanting to have a say in more things even though she was a woman.


This is one of my Goldilocks time periods to write about. So so pumped!!

…and now for a teeny ol’ picture of Brandon:


The MacDowell Colony – A Haven for Artists….and Sukari as of June/July 2018!!‎

Sometimes, you just have to go for it.

The scariest part about The MacDowell Colony Fellowship application is the part where they ask you to list the three artistic achievements of which you’re most proud. Woo. You look at the list of folks who have come before you —Alice Walker, James Baldwin, Thornton Wilder, and Aaron Copland to name a few — and you think, or at least I thought, Who The Hell Are You?

And then I said to myself, you are Sukari Marie Jacobs Jones, if you don’t start living now, you never will. So I typed in 1) Winning the W.K. Rose Fellowship in the Creative Arts from Vassar College that saved my life and lets me be  real writer 2) M.F.A. From NYU Tisch School of the Arts having learned what musical theater can be and my voice in writing ever more keenly and 3) not jumping out of a window after eleven years plus of rejection in musical theater world by both institutions and collaborators for being “too scary/too black.” Then I looked at the “send button”, stutter-stepping, almost shutting the web-page off, but then I finally just said eff it, putting some stank’ on the enter button.

And now I’m going!!


This is going to be me this summer!!!