Village Theatre “At The Table” Residency

Had a blast this past weekend with Brandon Ivie, care of the Village Theatre’s At The Table residency!

My writing partner Troy Anthony and I have JUST started a brand new show: I Have A Dream (which may later become “I Am A Man” except then we’d have the issue of having a song title and hook be the same as the show title, which one of us finds corny….me…I’m the one who doesn’t like it…) anyways… 🙂

I Have A Dream is about a black queer unsung hero, struggling to carve out a space where all of America can be free at last. Centering Bayard Rustin from 1955-till the 1963 March on Washington for Civil Rights, this new musical will look at the path to the March, as well as revisiting Martin Luther King at a time where he was being called a terrorist and Coretta at a time where she was being called a silly goose for wanting to have a say in more things even though she was a woman.


This is one of my Goldilocks time periods to write about. So so pumped!!


…and now for a teeny ol’ picture of Brandon: