Month: October 2018

30th Annual Festival of New Musicals at NATIONAL ALLIANCE OF MUSICAL THEATER !!!!!

BLOG1For anyone who came to the National Alliance of Musical Theatre (NAMT) conference last year, and either didn’t leave a showing fast enough or came intentionally to the Songwriters Showcase, you would have seen my writing partner Troy Anthony and I presenting a little number from our original musical THE RIVER IS ME. You also there would have heard me no-shame-in-my-game style announce that we can’t wait for the NAMT folks to pick us to be in the full conference next year…and now here we are!!

We’ll be showing a 45min excerpt from THE RIVER IS ME, which will be actually pretty much all of act I minus one song and snippets of book scenes. Very pumped!!

For non-Musical Theatre nerds, NAMT is the big leagues! It’s kinda like a trade show, but for piece of theater, that allow artists to link up with producers and carryon with their piece to a future iteration. The NAMT experience gives the authors a professional Director, Music Director, Band, Cast, rehearsal space and supplies and most importantly…hope. This is a great launching pad for emerging writers–and also weirdly fancy-already-established people do NAMT too so…you know, go figure.

Dreams following NAMT include doing an out of town co-pro then moving back into NYC off-bway and crossing fingers for a transfer. Or whatever, haven’t thought about it that much…hee hee:)

Also here’s my writing partner and me*:

*images hard won through aggressive hugging on my part 🙂