Catwalk Art Residency

IMG_0937.JPGSo I was accepted to the Catwalk Art Residency where I spent a wonderful three weeks in September, luxuriating in the peace and calm of the Catskills!

Catwalk Art Residency is an artist residency program established in 2004 by James and Purcell Scheu Palmer ’62 at their historic residence, which was originally the home of Hudson River School painter, Charles Herbert Moore. The 60 acre property, now known as CATWALK, is on the Hudson River directly across from Olana, home of Frederick Church, and directly north of Cedar Grove, Thomas Cole’s home in Catskill, New York.

What I learned about myself during this residency was my process! I do my best work….by shutting myself in like

and writing all day with literally no breaks, save for the 3min it takes to heat up some midwestern-mom style casserole I made the day I got there! Also, I need candles and black obsidian.

And now for a cavalcade of photos 🙂