Eugene O’Neill Theater Center!!

IMG_0040.JPGIt was so wonderful to get to spend a magical and dream-fulfilling week in January ’19 at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center to work on The River Is Me for a wild week of dreaming and rehearsing with actors!

My writing partner Troy Anthony and I got to pick

some of our actor friends and head up to Waterford, CT for a 18/19 NMTC Incubator Residency. We had room and board and actors and PEACE AND QUIET IN OUR OWN COTTAGE!! And some of us found love in a lonely place but that’s another story…

Anyways, from the residency description:

“The NMTC Incubator recognizes important and rising voices and stories in the musical canon, and aims to provide these individuals with the space and time to sharpen and strengthen their developmental goals.”

It’s taken me 12 years to make it to the O’Neill. This week in January was one of the proudest moments of my whole life.

And now a slew of pictures 🙂