Month: July 2022

KINDRED Season 1!

Octavia Butler’s Kindred is my favorite book of all time! When 26-year-old Dana is sucked back in time to learn that she must be complicit in her white ancestor raping her black ancestor, her will to survive is tested on a physical and spiritual level in this sci-fi-genre-expanding black futurist masterpiece. And now…there’s a show! And I’m working on it!!

I’m an extremely lucky underling who started as the Writer’s Assistant – which means I got to be in the virtual writers room the whole time (very thrilling, fr fr) and then as the room came to a close I was promoted (if this is being presumptuous I don’t care, #hihaters) to Script Coordinator.

I’m excited for the show to come out…this fall?? And also they sent me one of those really nice stainless steel water bottles so, yeah, thrilled all around.


Ho Ho Ho. I’m the ho. I got to work on this actually-makes-you-feel-good feel good holiday movie, coming out possibly December 2022? We’ll see! Added my Pink ranger to the Yellow and Green rangers of Ben and Justin (Pasek and Paul if you nastay) and introducing Khiyon Hursey and Mark Sonnenblick as whatever color Power Rangers are left. It was a blast writing the songs but also being on set (?!!!?!???) and making a game out of how much steak and vegan kale caesar I could eat/take home in tupperwares I’d brought 🙂

HARLEM on Amazon Prime Video

Life is full of surprises and none was more welcome than working on Amazon Prime Video’s Harlem! When homies from way back Benj and Justin (Pasek and Paul to their hoardes of fans, bc they’re famous I guess) called me up I thought it was just to kick it. And it was. But also, we got to work together on some songs! You can check out my little satire-y work in episodes 6 and 7. And…here are pictures of me simping for all the wonderful actors at this party they messed up and invited me to! 🙂