KINDRED Season 1!

Octavia Butler’s Kindred is my favorite book of all time! When 26-year-old Dana is sucked back in time to learn that she must be complicit in her white ancestor raping her black ancestor, her will to survive is tested on a physical and spiritual level in this sci-fi-genre-expanding black futurist masterpiece. And now…there’s a show! And I’m working on it!!

I’m an extremely lucky underling who started as the Writer’s Assistant – which means I got to be in the virtual writers room the whole time (very thrilling, fr fr) and then as the room came to a close I was promoted (if this is being presumptuous I don’t care, #hihaters) to Script Coordinator.

I’m excited for the show to come out…this fall?? And also they sent me one of those really nice stainless steel water bottles so, yeah, thrilled all around.