Full-length play
2 women, 3 men

Asali is a nine year old physics prodigy who doesn’t want her mom to die. To save her mother Gladys, Asali constructs a time machine that accidentally fractures time. As Gladys’ mental health deteriorates, we see Asali and Gladys create their own universe, filled with the cartoons Asali watches and the phantoms haunting her mom’s time-addled brain. A puppet play about codependency, genius, family and the world parents and children create together over time…time…time…


2011 Reading
The Public Theater
Directed by Liesl Tommy
Featuring Condola Raschad, Katie Thompson, Rebecca Naomi Jones, Kimiko Glenn

2014 Reading
terraNOVA @ The Cherry Lane Theater
Directed by Moritz von Stuelpnagel
Featuring Rebecca Naomi Jones, Benja Kay, Derek Long, Stuart Luth & Kyle Metzger