Asali is a nine year old physics prodigy who doesn’t want her mom to die. To save her mother Gladys, Asali constructs a time machine that accidentally fractures time. As Gladys’ mental health deteriorates, we see Asali and Gladys create their own universe, filled with the cartoons Asali watches and the phantoms haunting her mom’s time-addled brain. A puppet play about codependency, genius, family and the world parents and children create together over time…time…time…

Developed in The Public Theater’s Emerging Writers Group and terraNOVA Collective’s Groundbreakers Playwrights Group.


Black ballerina Missy has great lines, great feet, POWER. When Missy leaves her performing arts school to go home for winter break, she finds her mother screaming at the neighbors for cutting down her tree, her sister living with a boy who knocked her up, a 3 year old baby trying to dance to a toy that plays 3-second song clips and a magical booth that has the power to turn anyone colored white. Missy and her boyfriend from the neighborhood try to return the booth to the store on the address label: the KKK boutique.


Hassani rents a room with Felicia. Hassani grows to despise Felicia. Hasani video blogs about how much she despises Felicia. Hasani plans to get a different roommate than Felicia. Hasani is all packed up to move away from Felicia. Zombia Apocalypse. Re-evaluations. Fashioning of spears and spirulina tanks. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door.